Foldaway backbender configured for supported backbend

Foldaway backbender configured for Kapotasana

Simply the best... and available only from

We believe that the Foldaway Backbender – Yoga backbend bench designed by Iyogaprops is simply the best on the market with its unique construction, configuration options and storage features.

The benefits of spinal extension (backbend) are well known to yoga practitioners. Backbend benches are an excellent aid to the practice of backbends. They help gradually open the front body, shoulders and chest and provide support for quieter restorative practice. The Foldaway Backbender supports a wide range of backbends and their variations and can also be used to practice drop-backs (pictured below right) and forward bends. The bench simply separates into two parts to form a mini backbender ideal for supported supta virasana (picured at right) and other supine poses. It also be configured for Kapotasana using third section which conveniently stores inside backbender when not required. Folded in half it stands freely minimising storage space. Beautifully constructed and carefully designed by experienced yoga teachers, our benches are of the highest quality made for years of regular practice or classroom use.

  • A versatile space- saving backbend bench designed by Iyengar Yoga teachers to Pune specifications
  • Beautiful all- timber construction
  • No metal fasteners are used in the construction of this sturdy bench
  • The unique folding action allows easy separation into three component parts
  • Safe, simple locking mechanism
  • In folded form saves space, stands to vertical (pictured at left)
  • Versatile design allows for a variety of poses using the full or half bench or kapotasana bench
  • The bench is structurally designed to hold a weight of 440lbs/200kgs
  • Removable footrest suits taller people
  • Ready to use as shipped, no assembly required
  • Finished in natural oil, easy to maintain
  • Made to last a lifetime
  • All benches carry a full money-back guarantee against faulty manufacture